Cara Memasak Bebek Kalijo Sambal Merah

Cara Memasak Bebek Kalijo Sambal Merah - THIS is my first time in order to Batam authorship training with my friends Circumference Pena Forum Batam. It seems incredible because since received invitations to events in Batam, there are several agendas directly into a file in my head.

Not only the training agenda, but additional agenda like venturing Kampung Vietnam and felt the two specialties that exist only in Batam and surrounding areas, Luti drum and Mie Tarempa.

"We eat first, okay, Kang," Kang Salah, one of the organizers of live events at the same sponsor offers to eat, so I was up at the airport (Batam).

"Luti drum and Mie Tarempa, Kang?" I immediately bid. Kang Salah makes the original residents of West Java Cianjur grinning.

The car was speeding away from the airport. Along the way, Kang Salah story of Batam, which until now continues to grow. Batam, which I think has become a Metropolitan City, it still continues to bebenah.

Approximately three-quarters of an hour later, the car enters a shop complex. The car stopped at an inn. I check in advance before eating so as not to burden the luggage.

I think eating places far, only a few dozen meters from where I was staying. A dining area that looks very clean. I read the sign in front of the house to eat, "Anambas Kopitian."

Anambas Kopitian provide some food menus typical of the island Anambas. Some well-known distinctive food in Batam. There Sago Mie, Nasi Dagang, Mie Tarempa, Luti drum, Soto Ayam and Ayam Penyet. Various kinds of drinks are also provided.

My friends and organizers immediately took a seat in the middle. I look at the tables there, there seems to be different. If you usually eat home uniform size desk, in Anambas Kopitian made of different size, so that visitors can choose and customize. If alone can grab a table that is configured to be alone, if the opt-do long table suitable to-do.

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