Tips Memasak Sop Buntut Kuah Bening

Tips Memasak Sop Buntut Kuah Bening - The roads to Bogor no place to eat oxtail soup of the most widely searched, though both Bogor residents as well as by the tourists. Namaya Oxtail Ma Emun. Oxtail soup is pretty well known in Bogor, almost every day this place is always crowded diknujungi by customers. Because of the height, oxtail soup already has several branches as at Jl. A. Yani in front of the headquarters of Engineers and in Jl. Salak in Gor Intro and beberpa branches in other places. Remarkably, oxtail soup is long-standing and secret recipe has been handed down for several generations.

At first glance, oxtail soup is the same with the resep masakan nusantara other tail soup. But what makes it special is the tail soup meat is still red and tender texture. in terms of taste, oxtail soup Ma'Emun has a savory taste with spices typical that different from the others. The oxtail soup can be enjoyed starting at 8 am, but usually starting at 12an, oxtail soup is already sold out.

Overall, I think oxtail soup Ma 'Emun does recommendation for you which food lovers manifold soup. Only with Rp. 23,000, you can already enjoy one serving oxtail soup that it quite a lot. although the place is small, oxtail soup is always crowded with customers. That proves that the tail soup Ma 'Emun has been reliable and have keleatan are always targeted by many people.

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