Cara Memasak Ayam Betutu Khas Bali

Cara Memasak Ayam Betutu Khas Bali - Cibiuk, an area in garut known with spicy sauces as typical culinary. Sambal Cibiuk this, in the past a special dish for important guests. But this time, condiment cibiuk can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, including in this place. Yes, Eating Cibiuk.
Indeed, chili sauce cibiuk form hejo or green sauce made using green chili, tomatoes are still green, the leaves pokpohan and basil leaves. Addition pokpohan leaves and basil into the sauce certainly give extra to the flavor, texture and aroma of chili. However, there is also a red sauce made of tomatoes and red peppers. Regarding taste, sensation of spicy red sauce can be said to be more spicy than the green chili.
Well, if asked about the favorites menu, grilled carp mortar, grilled chicken and other simple menus such as tempeh fried tofu which must be accompanied by sambal Cibiuknya plus vegetables that add to the pleasure of eating here.

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